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Attention: Orders from 30 x 30 cm till 59 x 59 cm price start from 35€

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Need to add your company name, contact information or other details on your work vehicles? Want to add your favorite catch phrase to your car? You can use custom vinyl letter stickers to do all that and more. There are many uses for our custom vinyl lettering decals. It can be used to accompany other decals or stickers or used by itself. You can enter in any text you’d like, customize the font, color and size as it is made to order and will stick on any smooth surface.

• Materiaal: Gekleurde PVC snijfolies
• Bedrukking: Wordt niet bedrukt maar geplot uit kleurenfolie en gepeld
• Temperatuur applicatie: Minimale temperatuur +80C
• Waterbestendig: Ja, bestand tegen weer en wind
• Hechting: Sterk, moeilijk te verwijderen
• Levensduur: 5 jaar
• Maximale formaten: (min. Formaat: 10×10 cm, max. formaat: 120×300 cm)
• Geschikte ondergronden: Alle gladde ondergronden binnen- en buitenshuis

Placing lettering:
We supply lettering in three layers. The carrier (the backing sheet), the lettering (peeled) and the transfer sheet
Step 1: Remove the carrier
Step 2: Place the transfer sheet with the lettering without pressing it
Step 3: Check that the placement is as desired and adjust if necessary
Step 4: Iron everything well. Work from one end to the other.
Step 5: Remove the transfer sheet.

General delivery specifications:
– We recommend to format files for lettering in Adobe Illustrator and deliver the file as a PDF.
– Build the cutting shapes (letters) from one path, without overlaps.

make sure that the shape to be cut does not contain parts thinner than 1 mm.
This applies to both the lettering and the spaces in between.